The Camel and the Scorpion

We've been home two days. Dreaming resumed after stuffing our faces with centuries old art created by either the typical, deviant aristocracy, those men who had the choice to forgo their family's pursuit of traditional wealth in favor of  living abroad with unsanctioned partners painting en plein air, feigning a pauper's life to master the illusion of…Read more The Camel and the Scorpion

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Some people love winter. I get it. You ski and have 100 Pinterest boards dedicated to Hygge featuring cozy cabins, soup recipes, arm knitted scarves, steaming mugs topped with cinnamon sticks, majestic landscapes draped in white, glittering fondant. Chimneys, sleds and icicles make you nostalgic. There's even a special drawer for your collection of mittens.…Read more Baby It’s Cold Outside


Fall Under, over, in Protrusions  Interrupting peace Disturbing silence With want  No need Muffled screams as gastronomic indecencies A greedy rumbling greeting each light Restless unrelenting buzzing, numbing Lips, teeth, cheeks Buzzards circling feasts Fingertips grazing In shop windows of caloric salvation Sticky buns One nation under Greed We the people Entrusting dollars and pounds…Read more Rake