The Weight of the World

Dr. Warren Larkin of Warren Larkin Associates, asked if there is a link between childhood trauma and a person's ability to successfully manage symptoms of diabetes. This was my response. Dr. Warren, Thank you for your work and great question. My response pertains to independent research conducted in the U.S, along with global research on…Read more The Weight of the World

Throwing Shade Directly Linked to Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

My fake plants died because I did not pretend water them.-Mitch Hedberg We don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out when someone doesn't like us. We don't even have to know that humans are biologically wired for connection; belonging is our most basic survival reflex because back in the day losing our…Read more Throwing Shade Directly Linked to Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

On Lookers

The pretty ones Spreading wings for paparazzi Bedazzled bed parts Vying for cheap significance which is safer than risking failure at being loved for who we are The emptiness stuffed with Sephora Bingeing Too Faced Innersense Tarte Drunk Elephants need First Aid Beauty because Earth's Nectar is drowning in Urban Decay Free People! and yet…Read more On Lookers