Mixed Signals

Don’t settle. Beggars can’t be choosers. Ignoring your needs is self-abandonment. You are worthy. You are enough. 10000 Ways to Improve Yourself Be grateful for what you have. Don’t let complacency steal your dreams. Or, my current personal favorite: His name is Perrier 👍🏼 How are we supposed to recognize that a mattress on the…Read more Mixed Signals

Who’s Your Daddy?

Nobodies Daughter photo credit Nathan Vines “I’m a marketing genius.”-Paris Hilton “I’m a very important genius.”-Donald Trump “I always wanted what mom and dad had.”-Kim Kardashian “I have to work really hard to get the record deal.-Taylor Swift “Modeling is really what I do during my free time. It’s fun for me, so it doesn’t…Read more Who’s Your Daddy?

Ghost Story

Hunger is just a mask for shame. We blame ourselves for the wounds that make them incapable of reciprocity; chronically apologizing, appeasing, guessing at what’s normal and attempting to predict or anticipate their every need. Intergenerational nightmares are the real monster. If we’d just turn on the light and collectively console ourselves, paradise, as it…Read more Ghost Story