Chicken Shit

Chickenshit: i: WWII troop slang for military bureaucratic bullshit. The word implies the regulations in question are so silly and trifling they don't measure up to the level of bullshit. ii: Cowardly, a wimp. -Urban Dictionary Last week U.S immigration officials raided seven chicken processing factories in Mississippi and arrested 680, mostly Latino workers. Families were ripped apart and stuffed…Read more Chicken Shit

The Hanged Man

Sociopaths and narcissists justify their offenses against other living beings through objectification and a deeply seeded sense of entitlement rooted in unresolved trauma. For instance, Jeffrey Epstein compared the girls he abused to bagels, leading me to wonder: What happened to Jeffery and all his bagel molesting friends? It’s worth reading this Atlantic article as…Read more The Hanged Man


A lifetime ago I took my grandparents to a museum at Harvard. After spending hours touring galleries, I asked my Papa, a steady man of few words, which painting was his favorite. With no further prompting he quickly said, “the shoes...there they were, just three pair of shoes...” and his eyes filled with tears. The…Read more Shoes


Professor Smart introduced me to her entire collected works which left a permanent mark and spark in my heart. She taught me about the power of words while simultaneously setting an invitation to heal still bleeding wounds not just within myself but in the world. She taught me to See and to aspire to express…Read more Beloved