Mixed Signals

Don’t settle. Beggars can’t be choosers. Ignoring your needs is self-abandonment. You are worthy. You are enough. 10000 Ways to Improve Yourself Be grateful for what you have. Don’t let complacency steal your dreams. Or, my current personal favorite: His name is Perrier 👍🏼 How are we supposed to recognize that a mattress on the…Read more Mixed Signals

Who’s Your Daddy?

Nobodies Daughter photo credit Nathan Vines “I’m a marketing genius.”-Paris Hilton “I’m a very important genius.”-Donald Trump “I always wanted what mom and dad had.”-Kim Kardashian “I have to work really hard to get the record deal.-Taylor Swift “Modeling is really what I do during my free time. It’s fun for me, so it doesn’t…Read more Who’s Your Daddy?

Break Her

The Breakers is one among a string of grandiose abodes, against which the restless Atlantic bangs her white capped head. You would too. They're embarrassingly excessive erections; temples of oppression can hardly be considered homes worthy of priceless admission with their velvet ropes and closed off rooms, everything hermetically sealed in prophylactics, much like their…Read more Break Her

Mental Health A-Z

Lofty goals for a new year! In this non-comprehensive series I'll be taking us through decolonizing perspectives on both traditional mental 'disorder' diagnosis, as well as symptoms associated with mental illness and well-being. I'll also address the dangers of pop psychology. Together we'll question: How do we define mental illness vs mental health? What is…Read more Mental Health A-Z

Mortal Garden

Two roads diverged in an Uber wood We took the path Untralleved by A thoughtless daughter and invisible son To meet agents of change For melted rice and revolt A pastoral professor, street prophet, cat woman, stray man and hungry ghost Seeking more than fajitas and reign We, the parched people Do disdain Injured injustice…Read more Mortal Garden