Illusions of safety Attributable to income, incoming  Building walls or mending fences? Buying organs, identities, nests Restoration Hardware without the rest Free People Anthro-pologies, we're sorry Batteries not included Starbuck junior If you're hungry They feed you the Body You can take me to church But the poor (of spirit of commerce) are the ones who…Read more Memotaph

Rx Love

Change efforts aimed at addressing or in some cases shaming a symptom are unhelpful in restoring wholeness because they often fail to address a root cause with informed compassion and alternative skills. Clinics featuring terrifying posters of various diseases one could get from alcohol, tobacco, soda, unprotected sex or overeating are scary and sometimes threatening. Using…Read more Rx Love

No Thanks

It's not that I'm anti mothers or ungrateful for the miracle of human reproduction but I've always found myself averse towards rewarding adult choices. There's something trivializing and strangely dysfunctional about this particular holiday. Again, it's not that I don't  appreciate the concept of caregiving, it just feels like the original intent for the holiday…Read more No Thanks