Resto is the besto. If you know, you know…but what if you don’t know? Ya know??

The first and only time I went into a Restoration Hardware, I thought it was a pop-up museum in the Sarasota Mall cause who needs a 100 ft tall horse sculpture?

It’s nice stuff but you kinda have to live in an airplane hanger to buy any of it.
Apparently, some people live in airplane hangers. Seems like it’d require an excessive amount of mopping.

Leveling up is like finding the hidden game inside the game; think Legends of Zelda, Labyrinth, or the secret Starbucks menu. You gotta know someone who knows someone to know what your options are. The internet changed everything.

And yet, for so many of us, trying to improve our quality of life, get the medical care we need, find safe, affordable, beautiful housing, shop for essentials that haven’t been made by exploited workers, or reach the next rung on the hierarchy of needs (Lunchables vs Charcuterie Boards ala Pinterest) it’s elusive. In fact, marketers intentionally blow up our phones and shows with specific ads targeted to our demographic so we get decision fatigue and settle for their crap. Programmed to settle.

No thank you. There are vastly infinite possibilities somewhere between Resto and the DG. Let’s discover our own beautiful way. xo

3 thoughts on “Actually

  1. I wish there was another game that we could choose. The way capitalism has evolved, cheap generally wins, pushing out small businesses. It’s rough for those single or family owned inner city shops to complete with those big box or high end stores. The rules are in favor of the big guys, the ones who take trips into space for fun and profit. I guess there was a pretty popular petition circulating to not allow Bezos back from orbit. Although we don’t wish people to die in the vacuum of space, maybe we could have rocketed up food and toilet paper. Sometimes I wonder about how our culture got here. Apparently it takes only one percent of cohesive drive within a population to influence the rest. It fits in with the one percent of wealthy people in the world. Maybe they are the most cohesive force we have. And there are a lot of people who support them, for some odd reason, knowing that they will never ever benefit from their riches. True or not, I think the idea is interesting to consider when discussing mass change. What would be your ultimate sustainable society?

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