I’m not a Jesus ‘girl’. I don’t own property, don’t have people living under my stairs, emptying my chamber pot and boiling my eggs.

I did not have my eggs frozen or inject myself with hormones, demanding that my body produce a tiny human.

I am not a mother. I’m not your mother.

No, well intended but tokenizing, rich, white lady, you cannot use my life story for your Tedtalk. Despite our seemingly same degrees, we’ll never be level and as Janet would say: Liz, I’d rather be me.

I like fashion, as in clothes, as in costumes, but hate the fashion industry.

A man once tried to buy me for his son in a store, as like a toy or garment? And while I politely, passively, squirmed away from his attempt to turn me into commerce, I required the privilege of another man to vouch for my humanity.

I will never go to Coachella, not a fan of Taylor Swift, Brene Brown and everything made of goop.

I am white, but I am not a white feminist.

I do however, believe in equality and, went into debt gentrifying myself to get out of poverty so I could be, give and do more than just survive. What label does that fall under? Whose patch, banner, tattoo, t-shirt or tote bag do I wear?

Ism ism ism…all we are sayingJohn

Writing this chapter on resistance is forcing me to look at myself with brutal honesty. If it’s not transformational truth, why bother?


Editing chapters and digging up unfiltered notes from the margins.

12 thoughts on “I Am Not a White Feminist

  1. I’m not sure why some of your old posts are showing up in my likes and comments feed. But I appreciate this post. I assumed it was my stalker trying to upset me somehow. But this is the second random one I’ve gotten from you in a week. Definitely something to keep my mind busy! It would be great if people would appreciate thinking more independently, given the precious time we have here.

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    • Thanks B. You’re not being stalked 😊 I’ve had some time off and have been going through old posts deciding to make them public again. With certain pieces of writing I get doubtful or fearful that I’m speaking too harshly, or saying something that might upset people, which is never my intention. It’s hard being a lone voice sometimes. And then again, my hope is often to inspire change through my writing so I brace myself and try to be brave.

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      • Thanks for the note. I know how you feel. I used to retract and rewrite a lot of posts. I seriously don’t want to hurt anyone. Over the years, I just avoided most things people would misinterpret. Part of it was that I had a writing partner who had a really nasty streak. But I always thought she could do better if she tried. Proof that I can’t help people who don’t want it. Which is funny that I even tried. I’ve always thought we white folks, those of us who are well intending, on whatever level, tend not to ask our charities what they need. Instead, we charge ahead and assume what they want, then throw money at it.

        Fact is, we don’t know who people really are, especially online.

        I don’t know why your posts are showing up in my feed. It’s a mystery. But it’s alright, now that I understand.

        I’ve had a rough few days, death of a close friend…another one in ten years! I’ve had poor sleep and diet that are doing a number on me. I’ve been overloaded with input, lately, and tend to lock up.

        I woke up sick and am taking a day off. 🙂

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      • B, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss and so glad you’re taking time off to rest. Input overload definitely takes a toll. Here’s to giving your mind, body and spirit the tlc it needs. Maybe curl up on the couch with some soup and your favorite movie. We can solve all the worlds problems another day ❤️

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      • Thanks E. In recent years, I paused creative writing because I think I was trying to perform to someone who I thought I would actually meet someday. At the same time, I was constantly frustrated with the whole arrangement. Yet, I continued. At some point, I figured out that I was an idiot for thinking, for trying to pursue something that was never more than a digital fiction. As I began to retreat, the person became possessive, angry, sad, depressed. I tried to brainstorm ways to help, based on my personal journey. My creativity died. But I sure came up with some great healing ideas. Now that I feel I’m washing off my past, I’m warming up to write again. This time I’m not going to post it. I assume it would just be cut down. You’re probably right. I should take the evening off. It’s been warm in Wisconsin and shouldn’t be too hard to get cozy. As you can see, I generally have too much to say. I’m resigned to it. Best. ❤️

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      • Sounds like a very difficult situation. Glad you’re feeling inspired to write again, all things considered. Your many words are always here. 🙂Hope your evening was relaxing.

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