Hunger is just a mask for shame. We blame ourselves for the wounds that make them incapable of reciprocity; chronically apologizing, appeasing, guessing at what’s normal and attempting to predict or anticipate their every need. Intergenerational nightmares are the real monster. If we’d just turn on the light and collectively console ourselves, paradise, as it was intended, would ensue. Instead, I sleep with pillows stuffed between my legs to cushion the bones of what often feels like nothing more than a breathing corpse.

Flesh is expensive. It needs housing beyond a skin barrier, water, sunlight, clothes, an education, transportation, other humans, furniture, a retirement plan, inspiration, transformation, and don’t get me started on the fucking food. Dirty, clean, pretty, plain. All day long it’s an endless search for answers to the question: What do you need now? Is this good enough? They say fed is best, but we’re designed for biopsychospiritual nourishment. Don’t hate yourself for knowing you were made for wanting more than a can of easy cheese and processed crumbs.

You’re not a burden. You never were. You’re a beautiful miracle stuck in an energetic plane between paradise and pain.

I stopped being afraid of scary movies after connecting the dots between every plot line; it’s always the same story. Once upon a time, someone or something separated us from love. Every relentless demon just wants the stabilizing embrace of connection.

So, rather than haunting empty bodies, souls, Victorian halls and rest gardens echoing with the bloody infant cries of insatiable terror, come out of the shadows, take off your mask and face whatever or whoever is staring back at you.~

10 thoughts on “Ghost Story

  1. I can’t imagine your pain. I’ve been thinking about scary movies. Thanks. It got me thinking about what I’ve been afraid of. I’m kind of a sucker when it comes to fear. I’m catching a vibe, though. I’m thinking that love is the cure for everything, probably. I’m not sure it’s something that I can test. Genuineness is probably a key. In that case, I’ll probably have to become a different person, probably better.

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    • Hey B. Fortunately, the majority of my pain is far behind me. Just a lingering flair for the dramatic. 😉
      I think you’re 1000% right. Love is the Cure.
      I’ve also often wrestled with your hypothesis that we have to be geniuses to somehow survive and I think in a fully enlightened society, compassion would replace merciless competition. Everyone deserves love, food, housing, and pathways to self-actualization. In my humble opinion.

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      • Agreed. In addition, our style of living would do well to change. With less of an addiction to capitalism and commerce, we would not only have more energy for each other, but we would be able to better care for our home. Right now, the planet is going through fever spells, while struggling to keep the environment compatible for life. It’s kind of amazing, really. As humans, our potential is really on a different trajectory, when talking about subsistence. Is subsistence a bad word? Do people not understand what it means? To me it’s building a home that takes care of me. I’m trying it with people I work with now. I’m feeling pretty damn good about it.

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      • More subsistence and mindful compassion all around. I love the idea of building a home that takes care of you. I feel that too. And yes, the antidote to ‘hungry ghosts’ (aka addiction and capitalism) is enlightenment. Glad you’re feeling good about you! 😁

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