Your roots teach us

The meaning and stability of secure attachment

That through grounding

We too can grow

Your leaves invite us

To trust the cyclical nature of life

That surrender is not goodbye

But rather a requirement for evolution

Your buds, blossoms and seeds

Remind us to feed ourself

And thank, not only the earth

But the creator who made her and everything she possesses

Your bark, rock, sap and dew

Call us to uphold our basic rights, boundaries and inherent protections from the elements

That we are equipped to withstand the batterings of wind, rain, fire and snow

Your inhabitants

Are mirrors of the multitude of life within us all

From the microscopic to the macro

Biomes, beetles, birds and four legged beasts

Reflect our wildness

As we bathe in your being

And remember

We’re one

~ xo

Shinrin-Yoku: Forest Bathing

When was the last time you snuggled with Mother Nature?

Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy-Psalm 96

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me to still waters -Psalm 23

Let the animals roam free-Isaiah 32

Be nice to the planet-1 Corinthians 4

War is domestic violence against Mother Earth-Numbers 35

5 thoughts on “Shinrin-Yoku

  1. I walked in the woods with my dad today. We stopped so many times. He’s 87. The walks remind me of those I took with my daughter when she was a toddler. We wouldn’t make much ground. But we’d see so much. The art of nature is the reason we are here, or at least is our guide. Who was that guy who said he discovered the universe contemplating a drop of water?

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    • “The art of nature is the reason we are here” beautiful words B. You’re the best kind of dad for teaching your baby about this greatest gift of all. Not sure who said that last quote though, …Masaru Emoto?

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      • Oh! He’s the guy that studied the affect of emotions on ice crystals. Interesting. I don’t disagree with the idea. But my opinions don’t really weigh much in the world. I think humans put less regard in the idea of meshing emotions than we should. I think that we share a lot more than we understand. It might sound strange. I like to speculate from the gut. It’s not always that realistic.

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