Baby It’s Cold Outside

Some people love winter. I get it. You ski and have 100 Pinterest boards dedicated to Hygge featuring cozy cabins, soup recipes, arm knitted scarves, steaming mugs topped with cinnamon sticks, majestic landscapes draped in white, glittering fondant. Chimneys, sleds and icicles make you nostalgic. There's even a special drawer for your collection of mittens.…Read more Baby It’s Cold Outside

Hello, My Name is Pleasantville

Pleasantville was a film written, directed and produced by Gary Ross in the late 90's. A dystopian fairy tale of sorts, it didn't do so well in the box office despite the talented, well known cast, stunning cinematography and nostalgic soundtrack. The film has always resonated with me because of its strong undertones of civil…Read more Hello, My Name is Pleasantville