Dear Panzon

Your tired rebuttal, “What about me?” has been rejected by the remaining sane member of the jury. And yet, like the freed prisoner, or bird, who finds themselves unequipped to navigate a world without the prescription of a cage, we found ourselves recreating the same conditions under which we’d been born. Maybe it’s because injustice…Read more Dear Panzon

Don’t Lose Your Head

Temperance I was sound asleep when your hands Clamped around the base of my neck Impressing you into repressed she Told you it was too hard But you never listened Muffled between the sheet, backseat and steeplechase You stuffed your own mouth with the dirty socks and duct tape of chronic criticism Lies Forced us…Read more Don’t Lose Your Head

The Hook

Wendy was one of those broken, naive, people pleasers who’d been abused into forgetting we’re all made of stardust and love. Naturally, she found herself trapped in isolation, attempting to wash the dirty laundry of lost boys who’d show up at her balcony demanding selfless mothering. Mistaking dependency for devotion, she’d let them in, one…Read more The Hook