Or, is being trauma-informed the essence of enlightened Love, which is what some of us call God? But first, a little context. Back in the late 90’s two white, male doctors conducted a study out of Kaiser-Permanete and essentially discovered an irrefutable link between childhood adversity and adult health outcomes. The study, Adverse Childhood Experiences,…Read more Wondering

Werk This

Hot topic. The neurobiological fact is, stress and sociological trauma responses, including Flight and Freeze, have been grossly mislabeled as laziness by a western, capitalist society that refuses to acknowledge how its oppressive paradigm hurts people who are already attempting to heal from other forms of trauma. It’s a brutal double whammy. I speak from…Read more Werk This

The Greatest Query Letters of All Time

Other G.O.A.T Queries: 1. Dear Agent, You appear to be a well connected genius. Your hair is very nice (even though your website picture is from like, five years ago). I am a very smart person who is well qualified to tell my story. I have fancy degrees and a marketable face. Also, I don’t…Read more The Greatest Query Letters of All Time