What is the cost of admission

How tall must we be to ride this ride

Cotton candied

Manifest destiny


Saccharine sluts

Bittersweet sister c$&ts

Who don’t know a thing about

About nothing

Versus get

Good riddance

Off the backs of ride or die

Karmic trash people

Eating lies because we’re hungry

And don’t have access to

Any body butter

The Betters

Come along only to stand there

And declare we’re unworthy

Of freshly painted walls

Invaded by some mysterious intruder

In red boots who pounced

From shady untrimmed bushes

Right through the front door

Deemed a filthy toddler whore

Wakes repeatedly screaming

From a life sentence of paralysis

Each exposure

Exhausting frayed telomeres

There’s a hole in your arrogant Tedtalk

Named my broken energy field

Through which they get to assault and exit

At free will

Whenever they choose

And what choices are we left with

But to foolishly love and trust

Again and again and again

Until all that’s that left

Is right

All that’s left

Is light~

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