Suspended under the son

On steel and salted slabs

Those florescent orbs guided where

Iodine covered parts of us died

Liquid aminos, ghosts and sea creatures

Dug into you with spears

Borrowed organs collided, crashed, crescendoed

Against broken hearted rocks

Birthing sacks of dead mothers

Tearing flesh for men, women and children

Who’ve never been

Mining the abyss

To belong to nothing and no one

Cast away

Before we’d even begun

To see the crack of dawn

Like the eggshells you’d scattered

In place of petals

To be loved for more than

Whatever we had to lose

Weight, dog hair, sand dollars, hope

Beats you with panicked wings

Back to hell or heaven

Divided by irrational thoughts, karma, choice

Chasing waves

Kiss your feet

At the mercy of the toes of grace

For comfort

That can’t be found anywhere

Except within you~


Isaiah 40: comfort my people

God’s presence is my comfort

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