Photo credit: Nathan Vines

The ones you made in the wall

Where we compressed unanswered questions

Between skin and printed memories

Incomplete stories

Haunt the space that embraces

What’s left

Inside the holes made

In your body

A bloody cave

Seeps into the empty tomb

Feeling up

Necrotic wombs

Breeding generations of unhealed wounds

Where unconvinced fingers

Claw through sinless folds

To take something that cannot be found

Through an inexcusable rape

Of minor inconveniences like

His doubts of

Her night terrors and

Your exhausting hunger

Devours all the light in sight


Born into necks, thumbs, foreskin, knuckles and abdomen

Until the sleeping death inside you wakes

And you face your shadow

And your ego dies

And through that weeping gap between

Your left and right thigh

Screams out new life~

You know the drill. Life. How bout it? xo

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