He’d come home late to meet Jim in the computer room for an evening of electronic world domination and I’d watch t.v. or make art till it was time to put myself to bed.

But on this night, he came out of the computer room, shut the door and put his arm around me on the couch. I was still reacting to the unprompted physical contact when I heard the pop and saw a green flash from the under the computer room door. Seconds later, the apartment was filling up with three feet of opaque black smoke.

He grabbed the extinguisher from under the kitchen sink and ran into the flickering cloud.

Our apartment was on fire. We stood in the parking lot watching it burn as screaming engines pulled up and men with axes and hoses rushed in.-from Born in Providence

Blood and Fire
Fire and Rain

Two opposing feelings can exist simultaneously. Ridiculously content. Silent mourner.

Addition. Subtraction. Multiplication. Division. Equals ex.

Anyway, as always, I love you.

girl woman potato charlie sile i-la

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