Breaking Free

What do Western Capitalism , The Social Contract, Hotel California and our families all have in common? They're dysfunctional prisons. Well technically, one is a song but the good news is, there is a way out. Systemic oppression is alive and well and always has been. It's just become more blatantly obvious since the invention…Read more Breaking Free


Authenticate: Prove to be true or genuine Validate Verify In the quest for survival we strive to prove, validate and verify that we are. All my atoms have miraculously gathered themselves into the solid mass of a walking, talking, conscious being. I think I've come together quite nicely, incidentally. What additional proof do they need…Read more Authenticate

Mortal Garden

Two roads diverged in an Uber wood We took the path Untralleved by A thoughtless daughter and invisible son To meet agents of change For melted rice and revolt A pastoral professor, street prophet, cat woman, stray man and hungry ghost Seeking more than fajitas and reign We, the parched people Do disdain Injured injustice…Read more Mortal Garden