When young Buddha snuck out of the palace to see what life was like for us mere mortals, he freaked out. He saw all the awful parts of life he’d been sheltered from his entire, young, privileged life. Kind of like what’s happening now for privileged people who’ve never had limitations forced on them by something or someone that’s more powerful. The pandemic is forcing them to get a taste of the fear, disappointment and otherwise invisible oppression most of us live with everyday. No you can’t do, be, have, get all this stuff cause there’s a deadly force out there beyond your control.

Oppression is deadly. It kills us physically, emotionally, spiritually. Fortunately for all of us, both pandemics have a cure. One’s just rolling out a lil’ quicker.

Young Buddha’s journey didn’t end in suffering because he discovered the secret to freedom: Awareness, Acceptance, Compassion. (Food and sleep help, a lot. More to come on that when I finally start the mental health series.)

That’s the whole deal. Growing up is easier said than done but when we do our healing work we learn how to see the world from an elevated perspective. Nothing freaks us out. Drama can’t exist. We see, understand and accept everything with compassion, knowing at the very core of our being, that one day we’ll all grow up and Love is all we’ll be.

In other news, I could use more sleep and like five million dollars. How bout you? xo

ps: I wrote a fiction piece that elaborates on my theory about ‘leaving the palace’ featuring Buddha, disguised as a rich kid, and Jesus disguised as a homeless man. You can read it here.

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