In studying the art and lives of artists, I continue to learn about the nature of humanity. We can create the kind of beauty that makes all the cells in our bodies dance with inspired electricity. And sometimes, we can be absolute atrocities, full of rage, hopelessness, righteous indignation, violence, passivity, cruelty. Love is our true nature but when we’re hurt or scared, we forget. Sometimes we come back to our truth in an hour, a day or a few rough years. For some, it takes more than a lifetime to return to Love.

Last night we watched Ridley Scott’s version of Robin Hood. There was a scene where all the peasants were essentially cowering in the presence of this young, arrogant king and I thought: Why are they giving away all their power to this cowardly idiot? Why aren’t they questioning him? Why don’t they realize the entire playground outnumbers the one bully? You know when something hits you and the lightbulb just goes off? It was like that.

The power to choose has always lived inside each of us. This is the work of peace. Anyway, I love you xo

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