Pardon the bleeding heart. Mercury’s in retrograde…again.

But sincerely, the essence of all healing is finding our way back to Love. We can’t love anyone or anything, until we figure out how to love ourselves.

Whether it was brutal, gruesome trauma, or the subtle erosion of moving from a secure and nourishing childhood into the harsh reality of Life, something separated us from Love.

When we say ‘recovery’ what we mean is, recovering our heart; taking it back from the people, places, addictions, fears, anger, jealousy, blame or shame that stole it and saying ‘You have no power over me.’ (And yes, that’s a Labyrinth quote because Labyrinth is one of the greatest movies of all time.)

We won’t recover our heart in a strangers bed, bottom of a bottle, or in some ‘perfectly’ unsustainable number on the scale.

We won’t recover our heart by conquering the next achievement, buying a bigger house or getting ‘more’ of anything out there.

We won’t recover our heart by manipulating other people into loving us.

We won’t recover our heart by lying to ourselves, minimizing our pain or denying that life is simply an unpredictable and mildly terrifying adventure for all of us.

We won’t recover our heart by attempting to save every wounded living creature within a fifty or fifty thousand mile radius. Yes, helping people is a great and wonderful thing, but drowning people in an embarrassment of resources perpetuates systemic oppression.

And, we certainly won’t recover our heart by being heartless. Just because life hasn’t pulled the rug out from under you yet, doesn’t mean you’re immune to your own humanity.

We recover our heart by abandoning every illusion and diving headfirst into our own pain. Doesn’t that sound super fun?!

C’mon. I’ll put my floaties on and we can dog paddle to paradise together.~

12 thoughts on “Heart to Heart

  1. Powerful thoughts to ponder, E. The church may preach about good work and fruit and all but their zeal was focused on the results within the offering plate.
    Real Spiritual “produce” is about listening to the tablet of Truth written within our heart and not what’s been programmed into our head by society/culture…healing starts from within by understanding our emotions and releasing their toxicity.

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