I was sound asleep when your hands

Clamped around the base of my neck

Impressing you into repressed she

Told you it was too hard

But you never listened

Muffled between the sheet, backseat and steeplechase

You stuffed your own mouth with the dirty socks and duct tape of chronic criticism


Forced us to

Choke the throttle

Till the gears grind

Back and forth

Bald tires lose their grip

Somewhere between rooted rocks and a loam wolf

You could’ve pumped the forked breaks years ago

But expert riders

Always find the sticky, tacky, dripping

inside lines

Armed with ball bearings of steel

And heartless bleeding

Crossed invisible boundaries

again, again, again

Begging for the insatiable moor

Anchored her with a silver feather and unkept promises that made everyone cry

Convinced you were the Cure

Human Xanax

The trouble with benzos is


they destroy you

But don’t lose your head

Balance alchemy

With divine intervention

Once you’ve slept with the enemy

Why not turn yourself over

To the possibility of god


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