Radically accepting people and the world as it is, as they are, empowers everyone and everything to exist in the dignity of their absoluteness.

Tornados, oppression, open wounds; they’re all on, albeit violent, trajectories back to Love and, we don’t have to stand in their path as energetic ramparts.

Who can argue with the will of the wind?

Let the thunder roar and adult-children wail. The pain of retreating to the sanity of surrender is fleeting compared to a lifetime of exhausting futility.

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  1. I saw this on IG and it had a very strong impact on me, so I liked it but didn’t comment then. Reading it this morning again reminds me I have inherited the wind and, as you say so well, need to step aside and let it go by. When I engage I am torn apart by it, every single time. ♥.

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