There’s no need to eat pills, powders or plants if you want to hear colors, see sounds or just remember where we come from. (Hint: We’re Love and stardust.) I discovered this in tenth grade after replacing weed with astral projection. Meditation was free and the side effects ranged from decreased tension to lucid vacations on a beach somewhere near Fiji. I had a hunch that anything I could experience under the influence of a substance, including caffeine, control and cereal, I could naturally produce by going within. Neuroscientists and shamans agree. However, confession: I can squeeze DMT out of my pineal gland with my eyeballs but I can’t parallel park because I have horrible depth perception.

Imagine laying in a warm room, surrounded by mountains and souls all sharing energy. Now add a vibrational symphony scientifically engineered to cut through all our bs; that’s sound bathing.

Back in the day, I learned about the power of alpha, beta, delta and theta waves to activate the limbic system and reduce fear, pain, stress and inflammation in the mind and body. When I ran groups on the psych unit, I used to alternate psychoeducation with art and music over the course of three hours each morning, five days a week. Right brain. Left brain. While it’s possible to have ah-ha moments through cognitive forms of therapy, I’ve both encountered and observed that meaningful change occurs most powerfully through something called a corrective emotional experience. Simply put, we have to feel to heal.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any more surreal, we’ve entered the third year of a global pandemic and everything seems to be imploding, there’s also an impending blood moon eclipse. While dissociating has always been my favorite superpower, lately, I’ve felt called to be here. Since I tend to think my way out of feeling, I found a sound bath class and spent the last two nights surrendering under chimes and gongs.

Long story short, after the second night of rhythmic release, I was almost surprised to discover myself crying like a wild animal on the drive home. Hadn’t let go that hard since Bubs transitioned. It was such a relief, to discover I’m still human. I’m still here; capable of feeling, connecting, breathing, co-creating, evolving, dreaming.

A gentle, friendly reminder that everything we want and need is right here, right now; all we have to do is tune in and show up. ~

4 thoughts on “Soundbathing

  1. Fascinating post.
    I did learn to parallel park & have taught my kids how-to as well.
    What’s interesting is I had just read about DMT & the pineal gland.
    How does that work(?) I know the Pineal is associated with 3rd Eye (Gen 32:30).
    I also discovered “soundbaths” in the last year or so, they are so relaxing…

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    • Congrats on parallel parking 😉 The research on DMT (in the absence of psychedelics) and the pineal gland are still inconclusive, however, there is evidence to support that various functions, organs and states of being do produce natural trace amounts of DMT in human bodies.
      Love that it’s alluded to in Genesis. There’s so much still to discover about our divinity.
      Happy adventuring!

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