Imagine a society where everyone understood and knew how to appropriately respond to wounded behaviors, symptoms of stress, mental illness, grief, fear, pain.

Instead of attempting to get revenge, enable, shame, punish or publicly humiliate each other for our faults, we’d surround each other with compassion, encourage the building of strengths, promote social learning, practice conscious inclusivity, boundaries, accountability and create daily opportunities for corrective emotional experiences.

When we feel understood and accepted we can heal. Radical stuff.

Wouldn’t it be nice? xo

16 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Facts. I just watched Day 1 of a Gabor Mate documentary, which essentially suggest the same thing. We’re all traumatized beings using coping mechanisms to get on and perpetuating more trauma on one another, until we face the trauma and stop doing that.

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    • If only. Instead it somehow became a game of ‘who’s dressed good enough to sit at the cool kid table’. No wonder all the hippies took off their clothes and ran screaming ‘Love’ through the fields. A good try

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