We abandon hunger

At the first sliver of light

Baby crescent cobra

Hovers over

Unburied bones

On thawing ground

We cannot weight

To shove them under

Careful consumption

Exposed in onion skinned detail

The swollen swallow


On a breath of fresh air

Replacing the silence of peacekeeping

With deafening truth

Sing sing sing

Goodbye Stranger

It’s not as easy as it looks

To stretch press kick claw climb tuck roll bloom

Hike inverted darkness

Bend folded

Through the hardened hell

Of the way it’s always been

Aching arching praying reaching

To see the first sliver of light

Rise above

the house of the Burning Moon


I stayed up too late writing and listening to music. I regret nothing. I blame the coming budding burning snow bone moon.

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