I want to spit the

Unforgiving truth across your unsaved face

Slap your mouth with my sharpened tongue

Fatten and split your lip

In front of the empty fridge

Where you picked apart my imperfections

Just before the exam

When I’d barely yet begun to be

You hated hated hated me

Hungry for the elucide thing

Poisoned gurus call

Self transcendence

Actualized posturing is the arrogance of wasted privilege

And anything else is a quiet lie

In wait for our ship to come

Screaming as opposed to asleep

Nightmares shake

Within the intricate folds of

The promised land

Just beyond a shallow grave

You must be fucking kid in me

So tenderly discarded

Under bloody blankets waked

That silent body

Hidden between the sheets

Of snow

With no soul inside

I want to spit the unforgiving

Truth will out

And BE


Such is life.

For Michelle, my wizard sister.

Also, I’d like to give Matthew 23 a standing ovation. If you’re content to simply be yourself, your life will count for plenty.

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