The story I shared over a year ago inspired two local women, Susanne Frilot and Cheryl Mills, to create the first annual Healing Trauma Conference, which brought together over 38 practitioners with a wide variety of gifts to share with over 120 people who sacrificed an entire Saturday for a free day of learning and healing.


The energy that started flowing then keeps growing; enjoying the ride…gently down the stream. xo

Here’s a link to my interview:

And a link to the panel conversation:

12 thoughts on “Healing Trauma Conference

  1. Well aren’t you just as sweet and charming as I knew you are 🙂 The interview was amazing. The panel questions as well, “ I didn’t have to go to the dentist to know how to clean my teeth” I was paraphrasing of course but you certainly do have a way of relating things that is easy to understand 🙂 Big hugs E 🙂

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