Russell Brand interviewing Brene Brown for his podcast Under My Skin.

Under my skin, indeed. You can read this with a British accent; makes it more fun.

Russell and Brene asked: Are people doing the best they can? Dear, Russell, Brene and World, we’re asking the wrong question. Instead, let’s ask: Does society create the opportunity for our best efforts to have agency?

Western civilization is far from civil and requires merciless effort simply to survive, which is the best we can do in one sense. I ate today. Go me. Please let there be more.

Cultivating, doing, giving, being the best and highest expression of our selves cannot be fully achieved in a rigged, oppressive paradigm.

Cases in point from the podcast: the stripper, the family living in the trailer, quitting breastfeeding-we’re not lazy. The examples were classist and didn’t seem to love anybody. Where’s mindful self compassion when you need it?

The WHO just made C-PTSD and Burnout globally recognized diagnosis. WE ARE NOT LAZY. We’re hurt, oppressed, exploited, full of shit, pride, fear, hunger, repressed rage and desperately in need of real love, real food, real change, sleep and efficacious opportunity rooted in biopsychosocialspiritual wisdom.

ps: I haven’t posted in forever because I’m busy finishing the book, doing trainings, querying agent’s, trying to maintain friendships, keep up with the laundry and working full time like a crazy person.

I’m elbow deep in the final chapter and topped off at 100,437 words. The latest challenge is writing a query blurb which requires some elusive combination of being salesy, authentic and mysterious at the same time. I’m convinced finding an agent is like navigating wonderland and I’d have better luck if I just got high and threw myself down a hole.

Happy writing trails!

Much love, e

17 thoughts on “Trying or Traumatized

  1. Right on, E!! Good luck with the agent search. I’ve been trying too. I keep finding people who want me to pay them thousands of dollars first. Hmm. Can’t wait until you publish! =) I mean, I can wait. No pressure. Do you thing girl. But I love your blog so — an “E” book? Epic! ♥.

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    • Hi!! Thanks Niki. You’re on the hunt too? I bought the 2019 Guide to Literary Agent’s-super helpful and have been watching authors and agents on YouTube. No scammy agents allowed! Haha. We never pay the agent or the publisher. The publisher pays us and the agents get a cut, which is why it’s so hard to find one-they’re very picky about the horses they bet on. I’d bet on us. What are you writing?

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      • Hi E! =) Thank you for the great advice. I’ve got a book of 12 short stories ready and a bunch of other things I wrote over the years and shoved into drawers, poem compilations, bunch more short stories, a few novels, a screenplay and a non-fiction book about finding peace while being pummeled into the ground by fear. (Since Ben disappeared that’s become my superpower.) I’m guessing they look for someone who can finish a project? That’s been challenging until lately. Health stuff, on the mend though. I’ll check out authors and agents on YT too. Thanks! Hope you have a great week. ♥.

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      • Nikki, there are many gifts in our challenges and it sounds like you’ve definitely discovered yours-what a price to pay though huh? The universe is brutal sometimes. Keep writing and don’t worry about the whys and hows. My guess is the gift you’re meant to share is already being shared-I feel it just by knowing you-and that, when it’s meant to grow, reach and stretch you’ll hear the call. Free will is my favorite part of this cosmic chess game. Being loved for who we are is an unconditional given. Glad to hear your health is in the mend. I hope you have a great week too. ❤️

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      • Totally agree about the gifts in every single sorrow, E. Thank you! *hugs* I feel the same, being connected to you, and it means a lot to read that from you! This is a beautiful comment I will treasure always. Thank you. ♥.

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      • You too E. I read your new one too omg. It’s lame but I want to fist bump you like a million times. I found out today I broke my foot! : I didn’t even know it. Do you ever do this thing like “yeah my body hurts…somewhere” then keep going? So, now it’s getting fixed yay! Have a beautiful weekend. ♥.

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      • Ha! Not lame at all. A million fist bumps right back ya! But not too hard. Ouch! A broken foot is no good. And yes, I totally get being in pain but going, going, going till I hear a rip, ping or pop. I’m glad you’re getting it fixed. Feet are kind of important. 😁 Happy weekend. Rest. Ice Cream. Elevation. I think that’s the formula. 😂❤️

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    • Thanks M.B! Good to know we’re not alone. Is this your first book? (Forgive me if we already had this chat. I’m old and have spent the past year working full time x2) 😉

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      • We have not had this chat, and I would more than forgive you if we had! There’s too many people to keep track of. It is my first book. I have a few other ones completed, so if this one doesn’t go I will try another!

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      • Will do! 🙂 So far, I just made a list of agents that I thought might be a good match, and I send out a handful of queries at a time, personally tailored to each agent. I’ve also gone to conferences which helped me meet some face to face, and that made them a little less scary! 🙂

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      • Same here, minus the writers conference. (I think my blurb might be crap so it’s evolving with each query batch 😁) There’s a conference near me in August but it seems more workshop$ and less pitch opportunities so I’m on the fence. Either way cheers to our goals and making it happen!

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      • I will say that the workshops have a lot to offer, but I agree that it would be hard to spend that money and not get a pitch opportunity out of it. That’s where the major gold is at conferences! In my humble opinion only, of course.

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      • Thanks for the insight. I was thinking that and I’ve got a limited summer budget this year. But my mind remains open to vastly unlimited possibilities.

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