Fighting over the global garbage can

Shell it out, fish, dish, take it


Yolk splattered on cosmic ground

The Gods

Spilled gut seeds in a violent explosion

Big Bang


More for your buck

Don’t bother fighting back, get more

Than you ever bargained for

F@&! me like you hate me

Bending over backwords

Collapsing towers of Cotton On and old navy yarns

For score sheets and seven conquests to go

You sunk my battleship

Belt notches

Revealing how little we value life

Cracking Open

It was serendipity

Keep listening

To your silent, power tripped delusion of white blonde authority

Give me a break!

Oh I, oh my

Impressed by Selfishness

Not really but frozen

Let it go!


Sucking the dicks of privilege hoping for a taste

Shouting across distance

Long, oceans over how much we’ve tried to make it

Moving on up

Drowning in flattery

Offering us deforested forest

Clap box

Crap boxes

Boxed Seats

Don’t bother

Finish up and pay me

So much can buy barely enough to keep us alive

Promises you don’t keep

They won’t save us

You save!

Strive harder and you too can make it good

Ol’ American nightmares

The hard boiled lies they soft sold us

Told us what to be and where and


Why We Can’t Wait

Who owns who

What, how and then,

Assassinating worth.

Erasing His Story

Immoral stalkers

Staking claim over unholy ground

The White House lawn

Yawns with insider trading

Bet on Red

Leaving us

Black and Blue

And Little Caesar’s abortion

Et tu Brutè? Brutè?

There’s nothing we want on your dollar menu

Leaving us fat and hungry

Voracious for death

It’s painfully obvious you have no capacity to care for anyone but Number One

Two Three


And you’re failing at that too

Can’t take the heat we bleed every day on knees in service to The Man

Indulging himselves

Father, in Law oh brother, Son

Where art thou?

Perpetually spoiling hope of healing, freedom, justice, peace, greed

Be with you

Perverting accountability with puppy pictures

Who do you think you’re fooling?


I still love Jesus and you. My shadow self is a voracious, deviant, monster. The little hellion is tired and honest.

9 thoughts on “Who Came First

  1. I reckon God can take it! 😉 Big shoulders and little ego I think.

    It’s so funny when you go all stream-of-consciousness! This is so wildly evocative: I’m laughing, I’m disgusted, I’m shaking my head, I’m laughing again, I’m thinking and skipping little flat rocks over the surface you have created to see if they will bounce off it! Haha. Your dark side is a very playful monster! 😛

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