Leggo my Ego

Cosmic punchline. Which came first the hurt or the healing? One of the more helpful realizations in trauma recovery was asking who hurt the person who hurt. If we trace human history all the way back to its beginning there is indeed, a punch-line. Sometimes our history looks a little like an eternal episode of Tom and Jerry. Change the channel! Shut it off. Read a book? Understanding that the people who hurt us or hurt others have also been hurt doesn’t make what they did ok. There will be consequences, most of which take place inside that person. I’ve found freedom from shame, anger and the desire to keep punishing myself for things I had no control or ability to stop, through understanding. Sometimes the only thing we have control over are our own thoughts. So, power is all in your head. Ha! The punch-line is us hurting ourselves or others. The joke ends when we come into awareness, curl up with compassion (preferably in a cave to get a break from the trampling herd) and give ourselves the time and space to consider alternatives. I am the egg…man. What would an easy yoke look like in our world, your world right now? 

12 thoughts on “Cosmic Punchline

      • Oh yes, I had a break, about Friday 2 weeks ago hahaha but not from the anxiety, but because of the anxiety ;):) I have to laugh about it because it helps :):) You know how it goes. If it goes on for too long it gives ya the “my crazy is acting up one me” LOL Or at least it does me. Praying helps because I can be honest and let stuff out when I pray πŸ™‚ And I know that 90% chances are I’m not going to have a heart attack πŸ˜‰ And I know that the irrational nature of it is what wears on the mental side, so, 70% chance I haven’t “dropped my basket” πŸ˜‰ hehehe.

        To answer your question, if all that didn’t :):) Yes, I’d be grateful for normal, and I am grateful when it is normal.

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      • Prayer does indeed help Margaret. I’m so glad you’re ok and praying for you against anxiety, basket-dropping and extra heart beats πŸ˜‰ Laughter does help! It’s one of my favorite medicines. Prayer also for all of us to have more of those moments of blissful, undisturbed ‘normalcy’, also known as peace. Sweet peace.

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