Beyond the complacent 


Of ate billion hearts

Surrendering footholds on a dormant doormat

Removing egos and shoes 

There’s still a better way 

you persist to resist

Pushing on, pressing in, holding out

Sea legs and gulls

Brine the flightless bird, submissively begging for 


This cup from me

The fountain both empty and overflowing

In the garden of Gethsemane

While sleeping friends plot dreamless defense


Faceless, colorless darkness

Across nameless origins of 

Original sin

Ordained she, among them

The blood of infinite sins washed clean in a tidepool of prayer

Deliver us from

These merciless details

Photo Credit: n. Vines, an artist who came, saw and left. Anna Maria Island 2012

D’Versed poetry prompts: Looking Up and Who are you? 

20 thoughts on “Parched

  1. Hello there! While this is a beautiful photo and wonderful words writ within your poem – it does not relate to the Tuesday Poetics prompt you’ve linked it to. Lookin’ Up was to use one of the Hubble images posted within the prompt. I do hope you’ll stop by dVerse again….and in particular, perhaps write another post using one of the Hubble images on the prompt. The prompt will be open for posts until 1:00 PM today. Alternatively, you could reconnect this particular post next Thursday for our OLN (open link night) when any poem of a persons’ choosing can be posted (no prompt on OLN). Today, at 3 PM, a new dVerse prompt will appear which is related to writing an Ode. I invite you to stop by dVerse again this afternoon at 3 PM to see that prompt as well. Again, while I do so appreciate you linking to dVerse, this is not related to the Hubble Lookin’ Up prompt and so, as the “tender” of the Lookin’ Up prompt, I must delete it from our Mr Linky list.

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