Privy points of view

Secure ledges 

A flying buttress

Soaring higher than required 
effortless, easy

So sharp, crisp, unfuctwith
Casual confidence, pairs well with pressed slack, 

Breathing room

The kind unavailable in a single unit
A chipper pep talk, peppered with  


You’ve never had to swallow
Listen to the expert tell you about your own invisible experiences

She’s right there

Her dissociated orphan

Mute and slackless

There are no bruises from the choke hold, instead you’ve lucked out,
been treated to compliance, on ice but so what?

Getting what you want. 

I am not I am 

but could she Be?

More than stuck 

Stretch, reach, leap

Out, across, within

Off, on, in

Hold your breath

Make a wish

Until we’re over.

Leap of faith. Parallels of paradigm can live inside a single heart. At both extremes we can stand in the question and complain about it, feel helpless or become the answer. In other news it’s tradition to hold your breath and make a wish going over the Bourne bridge, the born bridge; a space delineating main land and Is Land, I land, I Hop, I leap. (I Hop was on the other side. Pretty sure that was a sign too.) xo

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