The first dream

Where I saw you approach

Love silently smothered

In the yellow booster

Seated at the wrong side of

An unfinished

Turn table

Leveled by legless arms

Hoisting a sword

It’s over my head

If only I were paralyzed

Could you see

The slicing nightmare

Piercing guiltless bread

Forever divided

Between all your lies

Lives absolute truth

A human offering

Sacrificed by successive masses

Of ungrateful, relative, strangers

Among which could ever be satisfied?

By those

broken into enough pieces

To go around

Passed like cracked plates

Burst pipes


And Reign

Over and over and over

My head

Drowns in all your hero propaganda

Where or when have you

Ever come to the rescue

When it counted for anything more

Than your own insatiable emptiness

Leaving us to feast on inherited hunger


The wake


I wrote this. I painted that. xo

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