Two roads diverged in an Uber wood

We took the path

Untralleved by

A thoughtless daughter and invisible son

To meet agents of change

For melted rice and revolt

A pastoral professor, street prophet, cat woman, stray man and hungry ghost

Seeking more than fajitas and reign

We, the parched people

Do disdain

Injured injustice

Taking aim to form

Hostile tranquility

The oxymoron

Bashing itself against domestic violence and the buffet of sheer human horrors

Oppressing against an insatiable unlover

You’re damned right?!

I judge your welfare

Checks imbalanced by generations of unmet needs

I tenderly

fuck your weakness

Because all I’ve known

Has ever been

Starved for mercy and rest in

The almost holy union

fractured from the get go

Of course you can’t let go!

Don’t you see?

Flightless bird

Dirty and shaken

Drowning on a flaming stick

Despite everything you know

You’re plastered


Between sheetrock walls

Leave us with no where to grow


Inspired by some artwork on the walls of a Mexican restaurant in Boston where I met some nice activists after a wedding. Sorry I said f. Like all poetry, you get decide what it really means. xo

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