Prose and cons

Concealed as blind concern

Don’t bother raging

Against a dying light

Stubborn old

Rude, greedy, volatile pathology

You are a living nightmare

Lay down


Consummate the darkness

With the second nature of your invisible skin

Bury the of hope of truth with the persistence of restricted silence

A safer bet than fat questions

Which pose too great a threat

To that fire in the sky

Who reigns supreme

Through inherited trust

And agency

Such joy!

Bows to No One

Seated before them like an idling barricade

Blown over by a whining whisper

You never once thought it would be easy

But this

Belabored, punishing game of wits and wounded ego

Is too much for wasted devotions

And challenged perceptions

To bare

Hardly the promised efficacy

Of an unwanted gift

Your ribbed cage

Can’t save you now

Breathe in

Breathe out

The sun

Also rises


2 thoughts on “Descend

  1. This is another beautiful poem/post, E.—such emotion packed into a small space. Question: Has the “Sun” become mired within the dark clouds of heinous acts by broken humans, rather than the light above that ghastly layer of woe—a refuge beyond earthly evils?

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