And I forgot to tell you I love you
And the night’s too long
And cold here without you
I grieve in my condition
For I cannot find the words to say, “I need you so”
I Love You, Sarah McLachlan

Sometimes it feels like I’ve forgotten to tell you about all the good parts, which usually happen when no one, except you, are there.

A cobalt vault of fluid vastness

Pulling us under

The sun, moon and stars

A warm, horizontal space

She rises

Between heaven and empty nest

Where all that’s left is conjuring desire

It’s enough to make you crazy

Burbling whispered murmurs

Between dry and sand bar

Wild dolphins jumping

As if a gift

Off the coast

Of Great Expectations

Ms. Dinsmore’s deck

I wish I could just tell you the story the way it happened

But it wouldn’t make any sense to your heart

And that’s all I’ve ever cared about.

In every cell of my being

You’re there

The trenches, abyss, midnight, twilight and sun

Colors, cautions, covers, converts and enfolds me

Quenching thirsts I still cannot name

How I wish I could just say it plain


Take you there

With me


To see


This is about love and the ocean and everything I can’t find the words to say. xo

The painting is watercolor, India ink, pen, collage and acrylic on paper.

ps: dear Antipodean editor, I loathe the last two chapters I sent you.

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