Stand tall

No matter

What can stalk or break you

Whispers at the window sill


Your back turned towards the wall

All for one and never have I been one for

Teeth stuck in the paneled wood

Dissociated from time

And space between rational

Thought you were losing your mind

The migraine pain like a throbbing vortex

Neglected vermis worm hole

Scar tissue in the thundercloud of all their unheard screaming

As her head shattered through sheet rock

Sacred dust

Like a halo

Your heart beat in the shadow of wanting something you couldn’t name

Tried taming the breathless panting with

I contact

For comfort that never comes

Swallowed air with regret for insatiable hungers

Spit it out

The warm solace of the son; that guy you read about in the papers

Probably a mug shot or tote bag

Buy now

But she lived

Happily ever after

Because instinct dictated


Keep turning towards the light


I know it’s a cryptic mess but poetry heals. xo

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