Hey e, why are you making (crappy) YouTube videos?

Cause I wanna start the revolution without leaving the house. Also, I plan on getting better at editing, talking and breathing but you gotta start somewhere.

What would you like to see the Diamond applied to in future videos?

Don’t wear fear or nobody will know you’re there. -Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam aka Cool Cat

20 thoughts on “The Resolution Diamond 101

    • No worries Mags. I miss home when I’m away too. I’m hoping you’re someplace great, like a remote cabin in the woods being waited on by 7 butlers and serenaded by forest creatures.

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      • Nah I am at a place the county affectionately calls the drug den hahaha. I’ve been waiting since last October when the storm came through to have repairs done to my home. Finally one of the dozens of contractors lists I was on showed up. Well, instead of us being able to sleep on a mattress in the workshop we have, and using the facilities and kitchen like we planned. They informed us they have to gut our home. Sooooo the only place in the middle of peak season here at the beach that had a room was the “drug den” Praise the LORD. We have been scurrying since Wednesday, packing up our life. Perfect weather thought a brisk 100 degrees, with heat index of 115 today. The past few days the degrees have varied but still in the same temps. I am like jello. Don’t tell my doctor, since he told me absolutely no heavy lifting, straining or anything strenuous because of the emergency procedure I had to have a few weeks ago 🙂 What can we do eh? I could have 1) ran away(which was pretty tempting) 2) curl up in a corner or 3) get to packing, and hauling stuff to the building we were planning on sleeping in. It is what it is. Praying the repairs doesn’t exceed our insurance policy. Praying our furniture can be cleaned since it was in another option of the house that wasn’t suppose to have repairs, clothes, belongings can be salvaged. Thank the LORD for Borax. Pray for us my friend it is daunting for sure.

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      • The drug den by the ocean during a heat wave. Bummer. Ugh. You have my prayers for sure. And I won’t tell your doctor a thing but if you’re lifting in that heat your body might tell on you. Stay hydrated and be sure to ice and elevate tonight.
        What a hassle from that flood. Oy. I’m
        really sorry Mags. Praying for restoration all around and a cool ocean breeze.

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  1. Wow, very interesting, E! I think I’ll have to listen to this again, to make all the connexions, but I really enjoyed the video… Makes a lot of sense, and I’ll be looking forward for more 🙂

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  2. Hey! This is really nice! For myself, there have been major triggers that have thrown me back, starting with abandonment. After that bullying, which I thought I resolved in elementary school when I found out if bullies were accessible (some are not) I could make a more significant contact with them, approach them calmly when they were not intense. Learning about each other would result in mutual understanding and respect. In recent years, even being well along as an adult, I’m finding susceptible to bullying again. The abandonment weakened my overall stability and allowed me to be more sensitive to other trauma. Working two jobs to pay bills doesn’t help. Maybe these issues are the root of obsessive writing. Working a lot doesn’t allow for much socializing. Digital friendships are limited and not as effective for mutual understanding. Contact with the human senses is probably still the best medicine for healthy interactions, my guess. But I’m working through bit by bit of it, working on easing some physical symptoms with organic natural remedies to be less distracted and more effective when addressing issues of the mind. It’s like not having hunger pains during meditation. In part I need to understand the challenges, accept them, and learn how to filter them. I’m happy to sketch “The Diamond.” Thanks for the thoughts!

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    • Hey! Long time no chat. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The Diamond is a lot to take in. Having done this with several groups, as I said in the video, each time we work it it reveals new insights (which usually means new work, haha) Working full time/multiple jobs makes healing a challenge for so many of us, I hear ya. I tend to think there’s a sweet spot between having nothing to do but work on ourselves vs having a reason to get up and do some kind of work for others. Finding balance is a good trick. But it sounds like you’re insight and efforts are serving you well.
      I agree, nothing replaces the value of human connection but writing is a great outlet for processing.
      Bullying sucks. Plain and simple. Sorry you had to go through that and that it keeps showing up. Usually when themes repeat themselves in our lives it just means we’ve arrived at the next lesson. Maybe tell the bullies school’s out for summer.
      Hmm, might have to do a video on bullies and their targets next.

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      • Just on that, I don’t personally think you can love a bully out of bullying, I think bullies need the facts cited at them and boundaries put in place to prevent (as much as possible) their bullying other people, and they need to be accountable for their actions, and to have consequences for bullying others. That’s my observation from working in classrooms for 15+ years, and from having seen which anti-bullying policies in schools worked, and which ones did not.

        You can’t give a bully positive attention in response to actual bullying; you can only give them positive attention for positive actions and behaviours – otherwise you reinforce the bullying. So, it’s all Supernanny type consequences when they bully, and warmth and praise when they actually do something praiseworthy – and it’s important to look for things they do right, in their lives – but be zero tolerance (no excuses) to disrespectful and hurtful treatment of other people (and that last one is across the board, not just for bullies specifically).

        The very worst school I ever worked at for bullying had a principal who was probably co-dependent, who, when we pulled kids in from the playground for physical and verbal abuse of others, would, if the deputy principal (healthy psychology, no tolerance for bullying) was absent and therefore couldn’t do her usual excellent follow-up, take these kids into her office and order McDonalds for them and ask them to tell her about all the things that were hurting them in their lives. This turned them entitled – they became even more convinced that they had excuses for their behaviour that overrode other human beings’ basic right to physical safety and respectful treatment. That was the wrong time for McDonalds / rewards – the main focus at that point should have been the harm done to others. If a McDonalds treat / love session was necessary, then at a time where the person had *not* just been pulled up for hurting another human being. I mean, you don’t give your dog a sausage and coo to it immediately after it has bitten a visitor (unless you hate the visitor perhaps)…

        Cheerio! 🙂

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      • Codependent principles-badabababaaaaaaa, not lovin’ it. Wow. You saw it all working in schools for that long, huh? I’d imagine you left with an honorary, secondary degree in sociology.
        We’re there any effective anti-bulling policies that could be applied to nations? We’ve got an especially skilled tyrant having a field day over here.
        I would agree ‘special treatment isn’t the best course-even if we recognize the behavior is the result of being hurt or abused. Similar to when celebrities or people “from good families” receive modified or no consequences for breaking the law. All this does is reinforce an often existing narcissistic belief that the rules simply don’t apply to them.
        However, punitive or humiliating consequences for any person can be equally unhelpful. The bully has to experience ways to face and overcome their fears while being given appropriate boundaries and consequences…not happy meals and a toy.


      • Not sure if this is going to pop up in the right spot, but yay to your last comment! 🙂 And I don’t know about a policy that would stop bullying on a nation level, but the cynic in me suggests a Parliamentary Dalek would be a good start. 😉

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      • The best anti-bullying policy I know is called trauma-informed care, aka enlightenment. Policies don’t change hearts and that’s where the shift has to take place. For those of us with permanently broken hearts (I’ll spare us the condemning clinical labels) policies are helpful but don’t need to be complicated. Those rules we learned in kindergarten cover all the basics.


  3. I posted on your video. I was so happy to see you live. =) Hope you don’t mind the long comment there. So awesome E. As always, you put complex things very simple. Going to transcribe it to save for me to understand it better. Thanks so much. ♥.

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  4. We’ve just watched this; it’s excellent! ❤ I like how you are putting several models together like a jigsaw to make something more cohesive, and more helpful, It sort of reminds me of the development of the atomic model, from plum pudding through planetary to quantum physics, and each step added important ideas and got closer to ultimate reality (the approach to which I personally believe is an asymptotic curve 🙂 ).

    Super presentation skills too – you're articulating very clearly and have the pacing just right (something I always have to work really hard on as tending to rush), and have a relaxed body language and friendly, warm demeanour that helps put your audience at ease.

    You'd like a friend of mine, Alice, in her 80s. She and you have the same idea that love is central to everyone at the beginning – and I think that's also an idea in humanism and some religions – Buddhism? I guess DH and I are a rather cynical about that point – don't have such a sympathetic view of human nature. I sort of think some people are born without a capacity to even learn empathy (and I think with some, it gets apparently irreversibly crusted over even if they had the capacity at the beginning – others can learn it). But I also think that the premise you have about love is a decent working hypothesis for the sort of people who are likely to come and see you – for the people who actually want to work through this kind of stuff. The born unempathetic and the crusty aren't generally going to be interested in that sort of thing.

    I was wondering whether my own focus on ❤ from the beginning was in part brought out by its absence in my home – I did see ❤ in other places and in books, and was drawn to that very much. I wonder if it's like the dehydrated person becoming focused on water…

    And as to your question, yes – I'd love to see this referred to in future videos wherever you think it's applicable! 🙂

    PS: I used to hand out chocolate Freddos for particularly good efforts. I think for this one I'd need to give you a 1m by 1m bar of finest dark Lindt chocolate! 🙂

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