Snow is heaven speaking to us- Meaningful Life Center

Dear Heavens, what is the meaning of a wintery July wedding, plowing the parking lot and adorning the hotel-house with a plethora of white roses? Naturally Kathy was frantic, still wearing her robe and requiring the same patient instructions you’d give to a child. She wanted to stuff all the window boxes with bouquets but needed help finding a shovel and figuring out how to open windows frozen shut. People arrived in patchwork across the monochrome landscape, strikingly parallel to the office, blurring the boundaries of work, home, family and the mixed blessings of all. The number of rooms in the Victorian monstrosity seemed to grow along with the guest list, as if consciously expanding in a cosmic welcome. If only I could’ve showered in peace.


When my Nana was in her 60’s she took a trip to Canada to find, meet and learn more about our Abenaki roots. She came back from the trip with boxes of stories, songs, French prayers, photocopied family registers and Native maps indicating trips to and from places the colonists had renamed. I didn’t know we had native ancestry until I was fifteen and wondered if what she learned might help explain my snow dreams. Abenaki are an American tribe who used to be called The People of the Dawn Land and Wolf Nation. As territory wars broke out, the peaceful Abenaki retreated further north to Canada then becoming known as The Invisible People. I learned that through my own research and it always made sense; invisible people. Yes.

As for the snow dreams, I started having them around twelve or thirteen and they always seemed to precede or even predict certain changes; my great grandfathers death, getting accepted to college, a safe trip. If snow were falling in the dream I could sometimes hear my Nana talking, as if we’d just spent the night visiting with each other which she’d later mention in waking life as if it were known and normal; my Nana, the Catholic Avon lady has supernatural powers?! I miss her. She’s still physically here but Alzheimer’s took most of her away about two years ago.

Anyway, frozen snow…invisible people…a union. Nothing like a good dream to transform Monday into anything but mundane.


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