As a number of irreverent believers have imagined, “On the eighth day, God laughed”.           -Dr. Sandra Bloom

Moral Distress: “the pain or anguish affecting the mind, body or relationships in response to a situation in which the person is aware of a moral problem, acknowledges moral responsibility, and makes a moral judgment about the correct action; yet, as a result of real or perceived constraints, participates in perceived moral wrongdoing”. The results of moral distress may be physical reactions such as sweating, headache, nausea and diarrhea, and crying. The emotional components include anger, frustration, depression, shame, grief, misery, sadness, emotional pain.”Restoring Sanctuary

Raise your hand if you’re living in moral distress on the daily? Yea, it’s called The Social Contract, it’s not our fault and we don’t have to remain chained to the proverbial toilet chugging Pepto. We can become part of the solution. The antidote, according to Dr. Sandra Bloom, founder of the blueprint for world peace, is a concept called Tragic Consciousness, Buddhists call it ‘Leaving the Palace’, Christians and Cheap Trick call it Surrender and in the Wizard of Oz Dorthy woke up over the rainbow and told Toto ‘We are not in Kansas anymore.’ If we can see and accept our current reality from a non-reactive state of being our choices become clear, suffering ends and life is good.


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