Beaded threads of watery light

They’re said to be messengers of afterlife 

She’d dawn if you hold on

Grasping scattered miles wrapped carelessly in an old towel on

The front seat

Front Street 

Of a you

Hauling painful past regrets through toll booths of payment due

Which can never be repaid

The sherif come

With papers to sign away sins 

Worn now in the shadows of a hollow mouth and heart

We took the best parts 

and gave them to the light


Repeated trails of darkened moss, furry logs torn apart by relentless cold and dampened distanced

Cocaine in the apple blossoms and everything I tried to be, give, make do to take you away from shadow places 

A thousand nights of hallelujahs 

Alas, I Light this gift which I refused to part with

Given freely by one called lesser

Greater to me and we

Apart from you

I became all He said I could be

Should be

Shared amongst the mourners longing for those million brights, rights, cities evolved 

beyond this world 

So much more than fleshy tags of expectation

Shining in shop windows at night

Daring to dream of more 

Than settling for

Terrified of turning on

And being seen for who we are

Beaded threads of watery light

We shine

xo ~ dare to give to the light

16 thoughts on “Shine

  1. Reblogged this on Niki Flow and commented:
    My heart flowed through these lines and broke into pieces in the final few. I knew I had to share this with you, dear whoever-needs-to-be-reading-this-now. “…dare to give to the light” Dare to shine.

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