I’ll open the windows of heaven for you and pour down an overflowing blessing.—Malachi 3:10

Is it God,

Opening a window?

Is it being in the Vortex? Ego plucking, shame shucking,

Lord hear our prayer.

Is it highlights and glamour shots, making snazzy business cards? Eggshell no Ivory no Matte no White, right? 

Is it your friend of a friend who knows that one woman at Books R Us who said quit your life to eat, pray, love? Sorry I’m fabulous, keep trusting your intuition and maybe one day, you too will be blessed with your own cupcake shop and True Religion for All 7 Mankinds, or simply toute suite. Maybe these won’t fit you.

Is it whatever you had to cash in from the corporate gig, afforded you to quit the grind and live your truth?

Are we lies by comparison?

Was it the heart attack, hearts attacked by everything you thought you couldn’t do, be, have, give, up?

Was it your sturdy foundation, fondant childhood, genetic composition of composure and smooth skin? Your know-how about cuff style and merching countertops.

Was it your merciless grit and that brilliant thing you do, making it look so easy. Was it you?

Was it privilege, status, connections or the coin you paid to beef brand, market to market to buy that fat hog?

Or, was it God opening a window?

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