This morning’s devotion: Healing; My body responds to the flow of divine energy within me. For just as the Father has life in him, so he has granted the Son also to have life.-John 5:26 

The best part was it spoke to last nights prayers, almost verbatim. I prayed to live safely, normally, peacefully in a body that’s been telling me otherwise despite the fact that we put out all the fires twelve or fifteen years ago. Literally. I mean, the fire department helped with the very last one but it’s been smooth sailing since. 

How many years of love and stability do we need to believe we’re safe in our own skin? How long does it take for a tree to heal the gash in its side? Since humans don’t live for 300 years how do we experience each unpredictable day in the peace promised through faith? Just do it. Swoosh.

Hey body, God has spoken so you should probably listen and yield. Whaddya say?
Body: My hobbies include reacting poorly to interventions that seem to work for everyone else, sending spontaneous water slides of cortisol down the vagus nerve highway, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, adult acne flare ups and shooting sensations of psychosomatic symptoms to ensure you’re in a chronic state of discomfort and panic. Also, my muscle making ability is great.

That’s kinda what I thought you’d say. Jerk. I mean, I’m gonna pray for you. *sigh*

The painting is street art in Bucerias Mexico. 

12 thoughts on “Hopefully Devoting

  1. Tough one isn’t it? That what we should do, we don’t and that which we shouldn’t, we do. Seems our bodies are the same way. I was finally living a life without 24 anxiety attack, 7 days a week, for months on end, hoorah! Then last fall one hit and lasted for months, boo! But it seems if I didn’t have the faith in God’s healing, there would be nothing but falling back into that deep dark pit of despair, so faith in His healing it is :):) ❀

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    • Boo is right! I’ll add a few hisses. I couldn’t do it without faith but am convinced there are answers and resources out there for us to experience more peace and less months of anxiety. That’s no fun. I’ve been researching the vagus nerve and the pineal gland. He designed us with some cool features. There’s gotta be a secret passage in there somewhere!

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      • I agree. God made us a perfect vessel in it’s workings and healing. I feel lots of it has to do with the man made stuff that we ingest, intentionally or unintentionally. Prayer works best, the closer I stay to Him the calmer I am. The next best thing is acupuncture. But it has to be by someone who knows what they are doing. You don’t need a hundred needles. One here and there on the main meridian points works better than all those others combined. I have been blessed to have a good practitioner in my life for a few decades. I wouldn’t let her do it at first, I just got the therapeutic massages, and she would work the meridian points with her fingers. But I was getting migraines so frequent, and severe. Couldn’t take the medicine, gave me severe reactions. And one day she said just let me try it. At that point I would have let her cut my head off :):):) I couldn’t even read for more than a few minutes without getting one. She did the needles, it not only got rid of my migraines but my panic/anxiety went from off the chart to wow this is what calm feels like. Thank God :):)

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      • Amen for acupuncture! I had migraines as a kid and in college; I know the ‘cut off my head’ pain. Ugh. Thank God you found an answer. Mine disappeared on their own but I’m pretty sure it was all stress. Margaret why can’t healthy food taste as good as all the crap food πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ I do enjoy healthy foods but sometimes…I guess it’s the same struggle as any other indulgence or ‘sin’. I was afraid of acupuncture too but found it helpful for balancing hormones. All the so called woo woo healing stuff is making a comeback. Hooray!

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      • If you think about it “meat and potatoes” use to be healthy food, and tasted good BUT man “improved” it. You know, we have to keep the bugs off the veggies but we don’t want to spray them with the poison. So, man genetically modified the the seeds, and pants, and put the poison IN the seeds and plants to keep the bugs off….shaking my head. We are so smart :):)

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      • Oh Man! Haha. Funny how we’ve had the answers all along but we just have to try it our way first, get hurt, get sick before we finally return to Love. Sigh, πŸ™‚

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  2. The struggle is real! Of course we can pray for you, but I hope it helps to know others are dealing with a lot of this crap too. I have primary lyphedema–which is a bear of its own. All I can say is that we are worthy of taking care of ourselves and living the best life we can live. Be strong warrior woman! You still have a lot of life and living and loving to do!

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    • It is! And yes it helps to know we’re not alone. Your bear sounds like no fun. Thanks Cherilyn. I vote for a collective prayer of Love and Mercy for all.


  3. Are there pet-friendly ashrams? πŸ˜‰ Modern life isn’t helping these things. Makes it harder. Lots of demands means the stress response gets activated routinely. Add amplification factor for cPTSD etc! You might have to be a patient nurse and good friend to your poor body. Sending positive vibes your way! ❀

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    • Pet-friendly ashrams haha. You’re so right about modern life being a chronic source of stress. I know we’re all fighting the same battle across a spectrum of adversity, resources and peace. Thanks for the good vibes πŸ™‚


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