Jaune ballon

In spite of me

Crooked crook


Disjointed joined the day

Seized in confining 


A permanently paused life

We wanted to count two

Beyond limitations

To taste life, like you

To touch life, like you

Walking, talking, living 


The unintended rebellion 

Jaune ballon

Perched on the warm breeze towards a heaven which becomes more difficult 

Buy the daily grind

Exchanged for truth which cannot hide itself behind an efficacious ego

Crashing credit 

To believe in

Unassisted joy

Unaided expression of

This life two

We need more than I to survive

Convivencia, unified 

If by sea or air or trial by a fire which burns as bright and unequivocal as

The jaune ballon ~

xo to finding our collective bliss

25 thoughts on “Joy De’spite

  1. It’s funny to me that you feel stunted in your writing. Actually it’s not even funny – it’s stunning to me. This is spectacular writing E. You are incredibly talented, and the emotions are palpable. You are wildly impressive darling friend.

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