Binge watching global human excellence, and this breath of pure and priceless wisdom is the best of it all.

My therapist is also a sports psychologist. We were talking about the intersections of trauma, threshold anxiety, and the general terror that comes from attempting to be our authentic self (for me anyway…my inner child constantly feels like I’m too much, not enough or just chronically in trouble for existing. If you know, you know.)

For the first time in three years, we went over our time (by a whole minute), collaborating on the spectrum of adversity, how we lack collective compassion for ourselves, how fear of not being good enough is a useless, universal experience, how we all long for and deserve the same, fundamental things; to be fed, to rest, to be safe, loved, experience belonging, esteem and pathways to vastly infinite possibilities.

Still processing the gifts in Simone’s choices, but as so many of us find ourselves walking through a gauntlet of unexpected challenges, some gifts are clear: there’s power in owning our truth, boundaries are life, the indomitable strength of humility, knowing and responding to our limits is self-compassion and, when shared, inspires that practice in others, …I mean, what else? Simone’s a badass and athletes are the coolest?

Anyway, I’m inspired and wanna do cartwheels real bad. What’s been your favorite part of the olympics this year?

4 thoughts on “Gold

  1. Hey! My session went three minutes over. We used to conclude as much as ten but she added a new person to her schedule a couple of months ago. I almost felt a little cutting into the other person’s time this week but I secretly hold a grudge that she took my overflow space. 😉

    My therapist was taking notes too. The conversation lit on how a very small percentage of the population can steer the whole thing. I’ve thought about posting this. But since it’s a universal secret, it could be used to bolster humanity or service the greedy. In a big way, our famous most recent ex president is using it now.

    In some ways it’s easier to get cohesive thought across the greedy population than those who want to do good who tend to have varying approaches. Pro people people tend to look more like a quilt. Pro money people tend to look like a solid color.

    I haven’t tracked the Olympics like I had in previous years. Maybe it’s the pandemic. Seems like that’s been affecting me in surprising ways, meaning “Surprise! I’m awkward and uncomfortable!”

    It would be interesting to get into Simone’s head. It’s a stressful situation for them all. Without the crowds of cheering to support her, maybe the competition is more cerebral than she’s used to? I can’t imagine representing yourself, years of training, winning the backing of your country, and competing in relative silence, more like a game of chess in some ways.

    I’ve missed events this year. Traditionally I like watercraft stuff, canoes and kayaks. Soccer is the best. (I coached my daughter’s team for five years when she was young.) In the past I’d filled in the gaps with swimming, gymnastics, running. You’re right. It’s inspiring. I was never a runner. As an adult I tried it for two years. Once I let it get away, it was difficult to resume.

    I’m jealous of runners. Maybe as I settle from my covidation I can work back into it.

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  2. Love especially the first paragraph.. feeling like you are too much may be a revelation being bestowed with the Sun trining Chiron in Aries right now we are releasing this for past generations too whose inner children were shamed.. so I get this and lets let the Gold shine.. bring on the Leo New Moon. ❤

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