The antithesis of starvation

How can we blame ourselves for failing to find something we’ve never had?

I tasted you once

Fleeting Ivory sheets

Fluttered in the warmth of the Son’s unconditional love

Between revolving doors, beds and episodes of fiery violence

Something sweet like Christ and apple pie on late Sunday mornings

Your silent, nourishing presence

Was it merely mistaken?

Misperceiving ignorance for the understanding peace we’d equally longed for yet been denied

By birth

By right

By death and rebirth

We are each singularly holy

Unworthy in this inherited hunger

The Justice card reversed across centuries plagued by destined, karmic darkness

Born again, only to await the eternal weight

Of wanting what

This life

Will only leave us



6 thoughts on “Fed

  1. Yeah, phew. This is readable at least two different ways, which allows more people to relate to it, for more situations… Of course, the two ways I can read it is the two ways I relate to it, and there may be more ways this is flexible still…

    Liked by 2 people

    • The absolute beauty of poetry. You can say it all and each reader is free to see for themselves. I owe you a letter, by the way. Lots to catch-up on ❤️


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