What you will

With only means

To take

A rake to the bottom of the sea’s soul

Cutting through silt and coral

To slit the ocean wide

Gently bleeding, gilded girls


Stuffing the metal fist with clam shells

How we long and weight

To breathe

Pliant prying

Poke and prod

I said no

To much more than indecent proposals

You cannot buy a vacant Lot

Much less stifle a volcano

There is nothing from this empty nest

To take

To have and to hold

In stickiness and stealth

Till death you impart

With your steely rake


But not stripped

Baring trepid truth

A precious grain of tepid integrity

Drowning in fiery spit

Bend me all you want

For this will

You cannot break


Baby Pele was a jealous little sister but I sure loved her spirit. As a former Venus, I’ve always thought Pele and I had something in common. Oh god this song. And the humiliating routine it came with. However, the password to the secret club will always and forever be: Bananarama. You would be most welcomed in our sanctuary of fairy tales.

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