If we were enough

You would cease in

Scraping our faces across

The searing sidewalks

Of existence

Track marks

Steamrolling civility of

Eloquent boundaries

Set alongside cups of tea

Steeped in humility


Plainly stated requests would suffice

In saying what now requires

Scarred and hog tied bodies

Screaming pleading bleeding

Tears drowned in


We are anything but crazy

The gods however

Must be

For wanting parity with psychopaths

Needless violence

For what could have been

A graceful exchange of honest prayer and requiem

Answer or bury me

Is this nightmare your reply?

useless and unworthy of sanctuary

I’d rather be cattle prodded in hell

Than endure another day

Wrestling wide awake with

Seething demons devouring the remains of divinity




The sum of false equations

Clarity reveals

For all our Tao of warless surrender

None of this adds up


I never want to hear the words ‘you are enough’ again. We claw for insufficient survival. It’s merciless, exhausting, insulting. Manifesting destinies are clearly reserved for the unchosen ones. “Among the lucky” I surrendered everything and all you’ve done is take. Cavernous black hole of consuming want. I’m sick of your riddles. Some fortune cookie.

15 thoughts on “You Are Enough and Other Lies

  1. This! This is one of those mantras that I really struggle with, but I’m told not only am I enough, sometimes I’m too much. ( Please forgive the dad joke, sometimes I can’t stop myself)

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