Mass incarcerated index

Prestigious, profitable


Has made prisoners

Of us all

Ignoring soul hunger

Begging at


Stupid Catholics prey

On children

Bathing birds

Birthing hips

To wash your sins away

An eternity of tears

Cannot erase this

Invisible, insatiable monster

Of compassionless greed

Terrified Tories


We rise strong

That which doesn’t kill us

Disables the neurological will to live

Under your merciless

Porcelain egos

Waffling in the thunder of our wakes

Look! at the countless faces you’ve stomped, beaten, raped, drowned and buried

Under the pretense of self-preservation

Your white wokeness

Is not all right with me

Reckless whores of capitalism

Selling yourselves

For designer trunks and

Boob jobs

You call it

Business Intelligence

We call it



Down here with us

For a day of endurance in our

Mercilessly authentic tough mudder

From which there is no celebratory finish line

But death

How can you possibly expect

Starving objects

To treat your unkind

With kindness

Beauty’s deluded expectations of the Beast

Domestic Violence

At some point

Starved hip bones shatter

Writing on the wall

The shrapnel of your shameless battle

For significant survival

We’re all nothing!

Is it really so satisfying

To watch us plumb your shit?

From the unsweet (en-suite?)

My ribbed cage

Taking the plunge

To the crushed, collective heart within

Suffocating under the wait

Eternal false promises


On posturing knees

This is not what I prayed for

Unholy Gilded Ghosts

Cease to be

It’s coming I swear

You said that a century ago

We’re already dead

There’s nothing left to weight for

Give us liberty

Or bury your unconscious debt


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