Maybe the blizzard and I had something in common and paradox was part of the plan. I hadn’t considered the possibility I was born in divine Providence, as in the tender loving will and care of someone out there who’s planted seeds of free will and vastly infinite possibilities in each of us, until after I’d worked in human service for nearly twenty years, despite hearing over and over in church there’s a purpose and a plan for everything. Until recently, I thought the plan was to endure existence as part of proving grateful devotion by suffering in lifelong servitude to a cruel but merciful lord. I’m likely not the only westerner to confuse God with Capitalism.~

10 thoughts on “Notes

  1. E, your story is harrowing, your strength and resilience remarkable. As a result of your background and choices, you’ve helped so many people. When your memoir gets published and you speak to wider audiences, you will touch many, many more. I’m sorry for your pain—caused by horrifically flawed people, not God. Thank you for choosing to become the amazing human you are and for supporting others in working through their pain.

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