Calcified carcass

Abandoned by the body

An amorphous sucker

One born

Every day

Buried under water weight

And all she ate

When they were still

Attached at the hip

Descending deeper down

By relentless dictation

Of her Mother’s illusive light

She’s empty




An irregular mathematical miracle

Who’ll collect dust

Mute memento

Decorating delusions

For the living


“A memento is something that helps to warn or remind us of something that took place in the past or that we use to alert us of something crucial.“-Webster’s Dictionary

I wrote this at workshop three days ago but didn’t understand the full meaning of what I’d written till now.

2 thoughts on “Memento

    • Thanks Trish. I took a picture of the shell that inspired the poem but thought this one was more aligned. It’s from a hike on the coast this summer. Oh and thanks for lending me the writing paper 😉


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